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Supporting Young Mothers to Live Independently & Support their Children

Daffodil Care helps new moms going through motherhood and having difficulty living independently due to mental illness, physical limitations, criminal exploitation, or low income. We also help women at risk of being homeless to help them prepare for a safe and healthy future for themselves and their children.
The goal is to help them build vital connections with families and experts who can help them overcome the parenting challenges they will face as the child grows. At the same time, we strive to help mothers build new skills and gain employment to live independently.

How We

Daffodil Care mother and baby support is a multi-faceted program that helps mothers on personal, social, and professional levels to improve the overall quality of life for themselves and their children. The program comprises the following:

Socialization Activities

At Daffodil Care, we provide plenty of group and social activities to foster friendships and long-lasting relationships among mothers. We understand that caring for a child can feel like your first day on the job. As soon as you’ve mastered one stage of your child’s development, the child moves on to the next. Moreover, many mothers struggle with postpartum depression and other related issues. Having a support group to guide through motherhood can be beneficial for all.

Educational & Essential Life Skills

Educational and life skills play a vital role in helping mothers secure a financial future for themselves and their young ones. Therefore, Daffodil Care incorporates a host of learning opportunities to help young mothers polish their academic and essential life skills. The goal is to help mothers gain confidence in their skills, live independently, and provide a safe and secure future for their children.

Professional Opportunities

Mothers often struggle with finding or maintaining employment for diverse reasons, compromising their ability to live independently and support their children in some cases. Therefore, Daffodil Care helps to open new doors of opportunities for mothers. Our mother and child care program will help you prepare for the future to improve your chances of acquiring a job that holds your interest and supports your family.

Secure a Safe & Independent Future for Yourself & Your Child with Daffodil Mother & Baby Support Program

At Daffodil Care, we follow a person-centric approach to understand the unique needs of every mother and provide her with the best care and support possible. In addition to training and supporting mothers as they prepare for the future, we also make sure that the needs of the babies are also met. Contact us today to learn more about Daffodil Care Mother and Baby Support.