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person centred

Creating opportunities to help vulnerable residents meet their basic, emotional, and social needs.

Best Patient Care and Amenities

Live-In Care

Person centred Personal care

De-cluttering; deep clean& Pest control

Support to people from the age of 18 years struggling with independence

Support for those with physical Disabilities, illness, Dementia

Domiciliary care

Community Access support

Live-In Care Support

Respite care/ Sitting service

Home from hospital care and support

We provide regulated personal care and support to those above 18 years of age: What Sets Us Apart?

We care for your loved ones like you do. Therefore, we develop tailored care plans for your loved ones so that all their needs are completely fulfilled.

We have trained vetted employees that can provide life-changing care. You can rely on us to ensure a memorable and comfortable experience.

We take into account vulnerable and marginalized communities from diverse backgrounds when we create our care plans.

Catering to a Diverse Community

Daffodil Care strives to provide care and support to vulnerable residents. The goal is to promote independent living, improve quality of life, and deliver support to build a brighter future. We achieve this by designing programs that improve the living conditions for the vulnerable members of the community. We cater to people above 18 years of age struggling to live independently in their own homes either due to disability, age or illness.

Regulated personal care

Personal care tailored to your needs

Daffodil Care provides all aspects of personal care, domestic/practical tasks, enabling and support work. Provision of personal care provided include washing, dressing, shaving, hair shampooing, bathing, changing incontinence pads, supporting with skin integrity, supporting with transferring for toileting, encouraging and prompting personal care activities, prompting medication.

Daffodil Care services

Daffodil Care also supports with the following-:
Social and recreational activities
Completing forms
Deep clean
Pest control
1:1 sitting service during the day
Night sitting service
Respite Care


placing you at the heart of care planning

Daffodil Care is registered to provide personal care and support if you are struggling and having difficulties at home due either; poor health; physical disability; or Dementia.
Daffodil Care provides person centred personal care and domestic support to enable you to meet your outcomes and to empower you to live independently in your own home in order to enhance your quality of life.
Daffodil Care works hand in hand with you to promote your well-being and also liaise with your family and other professionals already supporting you.
Daffodil Care is here to help, even when returning home after a long stay in hospital and struggling with settling back into your daily routine and completing your daily living activities including; washing and dressing, preparing meals and drinks, forgetting to take your prescribed medication, completing your domestic chores and managing your eating and drinking. Your support plan will be tailored to your individual needs and developed with you or in your best interest.

Individuals struggling with living independently

Returning home after a long stay in the hospital can be difficult and stressful. Therefore, we support young and senior adults to live independently by providing reablement in their own homes to help them regain functional abilities. We will also provide Live-in care and respite care for short hours.

Daffodil assesses every service user who is referred for care and support before any service provision is agreed. Daffodil commences care and support provision from a team of vetted and experienced staff. Daffodil service provision is achieved by delivering high-quality person centred care and support; promoting a positive culture that respects every individual, empowering and supporting service users for better outcomes in meeting service user needs. Daffodil embraces fundamental principles of good care practice, this is however evidenced and appraised through our quality assured care and support provision as well as our conduct. Daffodil values service user wellbeing and outcomes; this  is witnessed by our systems approach of working in partnership with the service users, their carers/ families, multidisciplinary professionals , respecting their diverse needs, preferences and choices, working in accordance to legislation and guidelines that underpins our practice in order to deliver high quality personal care and support.


Meet the Daffodil Care Team

We have a team of experts that specialize in different care types to ensure that you receive well-rounded professional help for all your needs. Our carers are vetted and trained to NVQ level 6, which means you can rely on us to provide compassionate care round the clock. We also promote a systems approach and work with professionals from different areas of healthcare and wellness to ensure the wellbeing of our clients.

“Daffodil Care is established to provide regulated personal care and domestic support to people above the age of 18 years old struggling with living independently in the community.Daffodil Care address societal issues that affects independence and provides services that promote well-being. Our slogan is ‘strengthening and empowering Individuals to meet desired outcomes within the community,’ Together, we can realize the vision of a prosperous and strengthened society. ”

At Daffodil Care, we encourage 1:1 sessions and take the time to understand the unique needs and requirements of every individual. Contact us today for more information.