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Care and support to people from the age of eighteen

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Supporting people from the age of 18 years old struggling with independence in the community for a Better Tomorrow

Daffodil care, is dedicated to providing personal care and support to people from the age of 18  and above who are struggling with independent living, this could be due to physical disability, learning disability or Dementia.  Daffodil provides person centred personal care and domestic support to service users to enable them to meet their assessed outcomes and to empower them to live independently in their own homes in order to enhance their quality of life.


How We

Daffodil care follows a systems approach to delivering high-quality services by collaborating with the client, carers/family and working together with professionals from different back grounds to promoting well-being depending with the nature of assessed need, this includes working with: social workers; medical experts, nurses, physiotherapy workers, occupational therapy workers, speech and language therapists, dietician, registered general practitioners and any other multidisciplinary team. Daffodil Care supports individuals from the age of 18 and over returning home after a long stay in hospital and struggling with settling back into their daily routine and completing their daily living activities including; washing and dressing, preparing meals and drinks, forgetting to take their prescribed medication, completing domestic chores and eating and drinking independently. Support plan is tailored to individual needs and developed with the person receiving the personal care and support or in their best interest if they are deemed as lacking mental capacity. :

Day-to-Day Activities & Life Skills

Provision of all aspects of personal care, domestic/practical tasks, enabling and support work. Provision of personal care provided include washing, dressing, shaving, hair shampooing, bathing, changing incontinence pads, supporting with skin integrity, supporting with transferring for toileting, encouraging and prompting personal care activities, prompting medication, accessing the community, domestic chores.


Complex Care

Our highly skilled, friendly Care Workers have a true passion for care and will work with you to make sure you live well at home and continue to enjoy life.If you have complex needs including brain and spinal injuries, we’ll empower you to realise your potential, achieve your ambitions and live life your way at home.

Do not let disabilities affect you from job searching and job access!

Those struggling to find jobs due to disabilities and needing support to access the community and support whilst at work, Daffodil Care is here to help by providing you with a Personal Assistance who will provide support in accordance to your personalised care plan. Daffodil Care supports people with disabilities from the age of 18 years old   struggling to find and retain employment due to needing a support worker/carer during working ours. Daffodil Care aims to prevent long-term adverse effects on their personal, social, and professional lives and to promote a long and prosperous professional career.

Do you need a Personal Assistant to support you at work?

Issues faced during childhood, such as disability, homelessness, abuse, delinquency, and a lack of health care, can lead to life-long emotional trauma and difficulties with managing independence in Adulthood. Unprocessed emotions and trauma can affect the personal as well as professional lives of individuals, keeping them from reaching their full potential. Therefore, at Daffodil Care, we offer 1:1 support from a Personal Assistant as part of the transition into adulthood to support 18 year struggling with managing their daily living activities. We do this to enable younger adults to reach their full potential no matter their disabilities. We provide emotional support and motivation to enable a smooth integration into the community for younger adults to  lead fulfilling lives.

Take A Step Towards a Brighter Future Today!

At Daffodil Care, we prepare young adults from the age of 18 years old struggling with meeting their daily living activities to take charge of their future, equipping them with skills and knowledge required for a smooth community engagement.  If you know someone who can benefit from having a Personal Assistant with Daffodil Care , contact us today to learn more.