Daffodil care
support for Homelessness and Rough Sleeping

Bringing Individuals & Families Together to
Create a Safe & Inclusive Community for All

Daffodil care supports people who are homeless; Rough sleepers; and homeless young people going through transitions. Our innovative programmes are designed for social inclusion and building sustainable change. Daffodil care programmes promotes community engagement; confidence, self-esteem, and independence. Daffodil programmes are aimed at supporting individuals to develop abilities or to regain their abilities in order to take control of their lives in a more positive pathway. Daffodil programmes also help with gaining life skills; getting employment, practical training or education.

With Daffodil Care, you’ll always have someone to rely on for community support and care.

As a member of the Daffodil Care, you will also receive relevant counselling and advice to make sure you realize your position as a valued member of the community. Contact the Daffodil Care team today to become a part of our inclusive Daffodil Care Community.

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Do you
need support to engage with your community or a Befriender?

We aim to become a community pillar, supporting individuals and families to help improve their living conditions realize their role as an essential asset to society. We achieve this by providing numerous opportunities to socialize, access the community and make new friends. The ultimate goal is to meet individuals and families' basic, social, emotional, and care needs to help them become a valuable part of society. The Daffodil Care befriending service, or Daffodil Care Personal Assistant for accessing the community are both viable options for:

social stimulation and community inclusion

Unemployed/under-served/underemployed individuals

Seniors above 65 years who need support to access the community due to mobility difficulties and needing personal care

Young adults with physical disability

Community engagement with support from Daffodil Care

Daffodil Care Community Support promotes social inclusion and social stimulation. Daffodil Care is here to support individuals with engaging with the community for new opportunities for learning, improving, and growing on a personal, social, and professional level. Here are some of the many activities that Daffodil Care can support with participation in the community.

Arts & Crafts


Bridge Group

Morning Coffee Group

Men In Sheds

Photography Club

Café/Pub Lunch

Tea Dance

IT Training Courses

Exercise & Physical Activity

Telephone Helpline for Advise

Day Centre

Why Daffodil Care?

Wondering if Daffodil Care Community Support is the right choice for you? Here are some of the reasons why it may be an excellent choice for you and your family.

Social Support & Acceptance

In our experience, a little support, care, and acceptance can go a long way and transform lives. Therefore, we strive to create a community engagement that fulfills the social needs of individuals and families, allowing them to experience a highly inclusive and accepting community.

A Better Future

Daffodil Care Community support is about more than socializing and making friends. It is the perfect way to learn new skills, upgrade existing skills, and work towards a better, brighter future for yourself and your family. Community programs, such as IT training Courses, can help you unlock new opportunities.

Customized Care

We provide customized care to access the community for people from the age of 18 years old struggling to access the community due to physical disabilities or illness. Our experienced caregivers can also offer shopping, transportation, laundry, cleaning, and handyperson services if required.