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A Step towards Independent Living

Daffodil care, Ltd is dedicated to providing personal care and support to people from the age of 18  and above who are struggling with independent living, this could be due to physical disability or Dementia.  Daffodil provides person centred personal care and domestic support to service users to enable them to meet their assessed outcomes and to empower them to live independently in their own homes in order to enhance their quality of life.

Daffodil care follows a systems approach to delivering  high-quality services by collaborating with the client, carers/family and working together with professionals from different back grounds to promoting well-being depending with the nature of assessed need, this includes working with: social workers; medical experts, nurses, physiotherapy workers, occupational therapy workers, speech and language therapists, dietician, registered general practitioners and any other multidisciplinary team.

Daffodil Care supports individuals from the age of 18 and over returning home after a long stay in hospital and struggling with settling back into their daily routine and completing their daily living activities including; washing and dressing, preparing meals and drinks, forgetting to take their prescribed medication, completing domestic chores and eating and drinking independently.  Support plan is tailored to individual needs and developed with the person receiving the personal care and support or in their best interest if they are deemed as lacking mental capacity

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Bespoke care

At Daffodil Care, we strive to help people who have difficulties to live freely in their communities, as close as possible to their existing networks and family. When someone has live-in help, they can exercise choice and control over their lives in ways that they wouldn't be able to in regulated contexts like residential care or group living. Furthermore, a caregiver can assist you with your loved one's health if your family is unsure of how to best cope and support you with your recovery or difficulties. Dafodil Care can provide reablement carers, Personal Assistant or Home Carers to support you with any other challenges that may emerge as a result of poor health, Dementia or physical disabilities.

Why Daffodil Care

Enabling Independence approach to Care

Living independently can be a testing experience for people with significant difficulties. We provide care to ensure you or your loved ones have all the support whenever you need it. Our carers can provide personal and hygiene care and help you meet medical, nutritional, and dietary requirements. They also provide support and companionship.

Social Assistance

Sometimes, people receiving care and support require assistance with social development, such as getting out and meeting new people. We can assist your loved ones not only with their physical development but also with their emotional development. Your carer might be a confidante who listens to your troubles and a partner with whom you can share your hobbies.

Communication Strategies

At Daffodil Care, we understand the need for person centred care, inclusion, diversity and service user choice. This enables us to provide better outcomes. For example, when caring for someone with Dementia, our caregivers can assist in communicating effectively and work closely with loved ones to meet service user wishes, values and needs.

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