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Home Care Services For Successful Transition & Recovery

What Is Transition from Hospital to Home Care?

Did you know that lack of home care services to support the hospital-to-home transition is the leading case of readmission following a hospital discharge? The first 72 hours after a hospital stay are a critical and vulnerable period for the patient. It often requires acute care and changes in daily habits, medications, diet regimens, rehab activities, and more.

Negligence or incompetent care during this critical period can lead to serious complications. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional home from hospital care services to streamline your transition. Our carefully trained caregivers can help transport you or a loved one from a care facility or hospital, providing much-needed assistance during a difficult time.

Once the patient returns home, carers provide on-going monitoring, reminders, and emotional support. Whether you or a loved one is returning home after a hospital stay or progressing through different care levels with the help of a medical care facility or a rehabilitation centre, one-on-one care is critical to a safe and successful recovery.

Hospital to
Home Transition Care Benefits

Wondering if you should opt for hospital-to-home transition care? Here are the top benefits that can help you make your mind.

Fewer Health Complications

Research by The Commonwealth Fund suggests care programs that offer acute care at home can reduce complications as well as the cost of care by 30% or more. The right kind of care and support can help you or your loved ones heal emotionally and physically. The recovery time may also be reduced significantly.

Safe & Happy Transition

Our committed team of carers will work with you to develop goals and get you on the road to a successful transition home. Allow our experienced caregivers to provide you or a loved one with the extra care and support they require to safely get back on their feet. From medication to dressing and emotional support, we will take care of everything to ensure a safe and smooth transition.

Complete Family Care

While caring for a loved one can be rewarding, it can also be taxing on family caregivers who are not trained for the job. Our experienced caregivers can take on the responsibility, helping not only the patient but the entire family go through a key transition. We pay attention to the patient’s as well as carers’ emotional needs to reduce bad experiences and improve their ability to support their loved ones.

Why Daffodil Care

Here are some of the reasons Daffodil Care transitional services may be the best option for you and your family.

Transitional care involves a full range of rehabilitation treatments and services. Our caregivers are fully equipped to handle post-surgical, orthopaedic, pulmonary, neurological disorders, and wound and pain difficulties to make the transitional period as comfortable for the patient as possible.

With Daffodil Care, you will never be obligated to a set program. Our services are entirely customizable, flexible, and solely focused on your needs and desires. We work closely with our clients to create tailored care programs that provide high value at a reasonable cost.

We understand that hospital-to-home transition can be a big change for patients and their families. Therefore, we provide more than just physical care to support recovery. Our friendly caregivers provide compassionate care geared towards improving your overall wellbeing.

The qualified and experienced caregivers at Daffodil Care can make a move to home as smooth as possible, giving you and your loved one peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your care plan.